Columbia Basin Culture Tour

Oxygen Art Centre
Nicola Harwood

Artist-run centre; Sound installation

Oxygen Art Centre is a rural-based multidisciplinary artist-run centre that works to stimulate the creation, exhibition and discussion of contemporary art in all disciplines. Oxygen's residency program will be happening during the Columbia Basin Culture Tour and visitors will have the opportunity to meet artist Nicola Harwood and other team members of the project Summoning (No Words).

Summoning (No Words) is an interactive sound installation built from the female voice. The project is a response to violence against women and works to create a counter narrative to that of brutalized victim. The installation will be using women's voices to create a space of sanctuary.

The project will be made up of sound that will be programmed into motion sensors and activated through viewer movement in a darkened exhibition space. Participants move through the space, activating different aspects of sound, creating both harmony and dissonance as their bodies stimulate the voices of women speaking, whispering and singing.

The sound will be built from sung compositions created by a seven-member team of Canadian female vocalist/composers of different traditions as represented by the artists on this project (see bios on website). The spoken audio will be crowd-sourced.

The web portal for the project is:

Contact: Miriam Needoba
Phone: 250-352-6322
Venue type: C (My venue is a studio/art gallery exhibiting the work of many artists year round.)
Wheelchair accessible? Yes (Accessible meaning doors at least 32" wide, no threshold more than 1" high and no stairs or an elevator/lift available.)
Business hours outside of the Culture Tour are: Regular business hours.
Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 1 – 5pm
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3 320 Vernon St., Nelson

Map Code: 24 (View 2017 CBCT Map)

Directions: Enter from the back alleyway

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