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eARTh Studios
Diane Walters

My interest in clay as earth's medium returns time and again to the layers of the earth as frozen movement suspended in time. My work represents the fluid nature of the earth overlayed with nature's colours through a spectrum of light and dark. Every piece is uniquely sprayed as a living being waiting to come alive. I see my vessels as expressions of the igneous and metamorphic processes of the formation of the earth's crust coated with the chemistry of the cosmos.

My large womanscape bowls represent the earth as female and the landscape as aspects of the female form. The interiors of the bowls represent the water held by our mountains or the sky above us.

I have also invited Jill Kelly of Silver Waters, a silversmith to join me at
my studio for the Culture Tour. "My Jewellery reflects my love of simplicity and is worn by people who love handcrafted work." Silver Waters - Jill Kelly

Venue type: D (My venue is a location that will host an artist/group of artists for this event only.)
Wheelchair accessible? Yes (Accessible meaning doors at least 32" wide, no threshold more than 1" high and no stairs or an elevator/lift available.)
Business hours outside of the Culture Tour are: By appointment only
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1116 Latimer St., Nelson

Map Code: 29 (View 2017 CBCT Map)

Directions: Top of Latimer St.

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