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Gilded Petunia


Making pottery is just fun! I have been lucky enough to have access to several firing possibilities over the past year. In fact I have been quite a nomadic potter enjoying working with other potters in Nelson and on the coast. As a result the collection of work I have right now is varied. There are wood-fired pieces, lustreware and some oxidation work.

One of my favourite pursuits is coming up with ways to display cut flowers, but there are mugs too. At the moment all my work is functional.

Since coming to Nelson I have been without a studio but have been creating in the back bedroom of my apartment and firing with a little help from my friends. On the tour I will be at eARTh Studio, which is one of the friendly connections that came out of this winter's work.

Contact: Gilded Petunia
Phone: 778-899-3972
Venue type: B (I am an artist participating at someone else's venue.)
Wheelchair accessible? Yes (Accessible meaning doors at least 32" wide, no threshold more than 1" high and no stairs or an elevator/lift available.)
Business hours outside of the Culture Tour are: By appointment only
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At eARTh Studios, 1116 Latimer St., Nelson

Map Code: 30 (View 2017 CBCT Map)

Directions: Top of Latimer St.

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