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Yvonne Vanens Munro

Boldly coloured landscape paintings

Yvonne has always relished the creative process, which is so much like problem solving: having an idea, then playing/working to resolve it,how the idea inspires more ideas, changes and keeps going. As a child, Yvonne spent many hours drawing and creating small farms for dinosaurs or slugs, or helping her mechanic father build dune buggies. Today, Yvonne's main focus is painting, but this year she joined forces with Kevin Kratz and together they built a Steller's jay for Castlegar Sculpturewalk.

Yvonne has studied at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, the University of Victoria, KSA, and the Oxygen Centre.

Yvonne Vanens Munro's studio shares the same small plot of land as Goose Creek Forge, beneath Mount Sentinel, and beside a meandering yet tempestuous creek. During the Tour, Yvonne and Kevin will be joined by other artists and craftsmen. Refreshments and snacks will be available.

Contact: Yvonne Vanens Munro
Phone: 250-359-8069
Venue type: A (I am an artist at my own studio.)
Wheelchair accessible? No (Accessible meaning doors at least 32" wide, no threshold more than 1" high and no stairs or an elevator/lift available.)
Business hours outside of the Culture Tour are: By appointment only
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At Goose Creek Forge, 3248 Pass Creek Rd., Krestova

Map Code: 56 (View 2017 CBCT Map)

Directions: Turn west at the Frog Peak Café on Highway 6, cross the bridge, and turn left onto Pass Creek Road.

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