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Columbia Ridge Pottery
Gerry George

Pottery; Ceramics; Handmade; Stoneware

Columbia Ridge Pottery is a hobby studio situated on the bench overlooking Columbia Lake just south of Fairmont Hot Springs. The studio was initially constructed as a place for Tom Symington to practice his love for pottery. His partner Gerry George, looking for a way to release some creative energy, soon took up the pastime as well. Seven years later they both play in the studio although Gerry spends the most time in there nowadays.

Styles and techniques are continually changing in the studio between the two artists. Their body of work varies from useful dinnerware and mugs to more creative platters that come alive with the addition of slip decoration, leather and birch twigs. Under-glazes, slip, carving in soft clay and using spray guns to apply glazes are all techniques that have been developed to continually create and decorate new and exciting forms.

A visit to Columbia Ridge Pottery will provide you with a peek into how pots are made on the wheel. Tom and Gerry will be actively throwing during the tour and are always delighted to show people their work and all of the various processes involved in turning a lump of clay into a usable piece of art.

Contact: Gerry George
Phone: 778-523-2524
Venue type: A (I am an artist at my own studio.)
Wheelchair accessible? No (Accessible meaning doors at least 32" wide, no threshold more than 1" high and no stairs or an elevator/lift available.)
Business hours outside of the Culture Tour are: By appointment only
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6866 Columbia Ridge Dr., Fairmont Hot Springs

Map Code: 75 (View 2017 CBCT Map)

Directions: 13 km south of Fairmont in Columbia Ridge Estates.

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